Smart phones
This is a mainstream heat dissipation method at present. Graphite sheet is a material that distributes the central temperature of mobile phone heating evenly on a two-dimensional plane to facilitate uniform heat dissipation. In addition, the thermal grease directly transfers the heat of the processor surface to the heat dissipation material to ensure that the components in the mobile phone can work normally and stably
Tablets and Ultra books
The demand for high-performance heat spreaders becomes more urgent as the tablets and Ultra books become thinner and lighter. The thermal processor needs cooling, and the shell’s hot spot must be eliminated. All these must be done by thin and efficient heat-transfer products. With the widest range of ultra-high performance pyrolytic graphite sheets, Dasen have the suitable thermal solutions to meet the performance needs of the industry.
4K/8K Ultra HD TV
For LED/ LED display, uneven heating is a main cause of color aberration and blurred pictures. And these bad pictures may be seen everywhere on the display or even in the corners. For OLED displays, the non-uniform heat can cause uneven aging of the display, resulting in a noticeable color distortion. High performance graphite sheets can prevent these problems and achieve high quality pictures.
Set-Top Boxes and Enclosed Electronics
Now the performance of high-definition set-top box and enclosed electronics have been developed fast. A good thermal solution is crucial to the performance of the devices. We can conduct the heat of heat sources such as chips, Wi-Fi modules, and tuner to the graphite sheet through thermal pad. In the heat dissipation scheme of the devices, graphite sheet is generally attached to the inner side of the shell, and the graphite sheet can quickly reduce the temperature of the heat source.
Wireless charger
Wireless charging technology originates from wireless power transmission technology. The utilization of wireless charging technology is increasing. Due to the small volume of the device, the working temperature of the internal electronic components must be solved. Thermal conductive graphite sheet and silicone pad and other heat dissipating materials can provide a complete set of heat dissipation scheme for the research and development of wireless charger. The heat dissipating materials can solve the heat accumulation of electromagnetic wave emitter in the closed space.